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First give-away to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of my blog!

Ok so I’m too lazy to take pictures of all the shit I’m giving away but it’s all really cool looking. I don’t really wear band merch anymore but I don’t wanna just give it away to goodwill or something so here I am. The sizes range from XS to S but I’m an average sized girl so… yea. Here’s the list of stuff:
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Reblogs count as one chance, follows count as two, reblog and follow counts as three. Deadline is Aug 14th, 2014 12pm EST. Winner will be contacted through messaging within a week afterwards (I’m moving into college on the 15th so I’m not sure how long it’ll take to get ready. Just a guesstimate.)

P.S. I realize none of these bands are ptv but I figure we all sorta listen to the same type of stuff so it’s likely to find people who will enjoy these through here.

I cant believe I’ve almost got 400 followers

I started doing this just because I wanted to make some good PTV smut and fluff for myself to read. I never expected it to get such a good reaction. Thank you all! Love and Hugs! (Sorry I haven’t posted that much anymore. That is going to change. Promise)


Request: Can you write one where you walk into the bus and you see jaime wanking but hes having trouble so you finish him off then as a reward he goes down on you then vic catches you guys and joins in.

Jaime and Vic smut

It’s July. You’ve been on tour with Pierce The Veil for two months now, and it’s been the best time of your life. As Tour Manager, you’re pretty much busy when the guys aren’t, making sure everything will go smoothly when they perform. But today, you get done early; You’re about to head back to the bus when Tony, Vic and Mike pass you.

"Hey guys!" you yell.

"Hey y/n!" Vic replies.

"What you guys up to?" You say while walking closer to them.

"We’re going to the pool that’s near here."

"Where’s Jaime?"

"He didn’t want to come. He’s back on the bus."

That’s weird, you think. Jaime’s usually the one who makes the guys go out and he’s the one staying in? Something’s up.

"Ok…" You say suspiciously. Tony gives you a shy glance and looks away quickly; something’s definitely happening with Jaime. "You guys have fun!"

"We will!" Mike yells as you go your separate ways.

By the time you’ve gotten to the bus, you forget all about this weird conversation. If you had remembered, maybe you would’ve knocked. Maybe you wouldn’t have walked in on Jaime jacking off…

You freeze as soon as you walk into the living room area of the bus. There it is; Jaime’s sizeable cock wrapped in his muscular hand and Jaime’s frustrated face as he’s trying to finish. You clear your throat, and Jaime’s eyes pop open in surprise and fear; his hand halts.

"Y/N?" Jaime says in shock.

"Hi…" You say, trying to not stare at his dick. "You ok?"

"Umm… well honestly… I’m having a little trouble finishing." He looks up at you to match your eyes.

You grin. Jaime’s hot, and you’re surprised one of the guys hasn’t tried anything with you yet seeing you’re the only girl on this tour. “Would you like me to help you with that?”

Jaime sighs. “You have no idea how much I want you to do that…” He winks at you with that signature grin of his; you cave in instantly.

You walk over to him sitting on the couch, pants around his ankles, and grasp his hard cock in your hands. You start to pump your hands up and down, slow at first and then faster. Jaime tilts his head back and lets out a small sigh; that’s just what he wanted.

While he’s in this position and not looking at you, you surprise him by wrapping your mouth around him. His eyes fly open and his head jolts up to look at you as you suck his pulsing cock. You suck hard and move slowly to drive him crazy; he starts to squirm underneath you, begging you to go faster. You pull off of him making a pop sound and he makes a cry in protest and tries to shove your mouth back on him but you’re too fast; you stand up, grinning at him.

He looks confused. “What?” You say. “Who says you’re the only one who should get enjoyment out of this?” You start removing your pants, and you can see it click in Jaime’s head; you’re going to ride him.

Just as you get on top of him and slide his dick inside your already wet, pulsing, pussy, the door of the bus opens. Vic comes walking up the stairs into the room. You freeze and Jaime and your’s heads fly to face him.

He doesn’t know what to think. He just stands there, thinking. You can see his brain working by the expressions on his face. Then, he smiles; not an innocent, cute smile, a smile of bad intentions.

"Mind if I join?" He asks.

At first you’re shocked, and you look at Jaime to see his reaction; he nods his head as if to say “if you’re ok with it.”

You think for a second. Two of the hottest guys I know fucking me? “Hell yeah!” you say a little too enthusiastically and blush.

You turn around so you’re sitting on Jaime’s lap. Before you know it, Vic is standing in front of you, pantsless. Your eyes bulge at the sight of him. Who knew short guys could be so big…

You use Vic to help you balance and start moving your ass up and down Jaime’s member. Vic grabs his dick and directs it into your mouth. You suck it a little lightly, scared of hurting him. He looks down at  you as if to say “you can do better than that.” You instantly relax and suck as hard as possible. Vic lets out a moan as he tilts back his head and you start to massage his balls.

Suddenly, Jaime drills into you hard; you gasp and stop sucking Vic’s cock. “Holy shit Jaime…” you whine. Jaime takes this as a good thing and starts to drill into you over and over, harder each time. You scream in pleasure as Vic strokes your head with his left hand as he strokes his lower head with his right hand.
As he’s fucking you, Jaime reaches his arm around you to start massaging your clit. Vic forces your head back on his dick and pulls your hair to control your movements. He pulls down your tank top and pinches your nipples causing a greatful moan to escape your mouth. Jaime’s massaging coupled with Vic’s nipple play brings you closer and closer to the edge. You almost don’t notice Vic cum down your throat because of the ecstacy running through your veins.
Jaime finally finds his rhythm. He’s got it now, and he’s not stopping til you collapse in satisfaction. He gives one final thrust straight into your g-spot and he pushes you over the edge. He freezes deep inside you to feel you spasm around him, in turn pushing himself over the edge. The warmth of his cum fills you and you finally exhale after what has felt like hours.
You get up and start walking to the back. The boys look at you confused “Y/N?”
You turn around. “Yea?”
"Where you going?" Vic asks confused.
You grin. “We’re not finished, but I figured we should go to the back so no one else can just join in without an invite…” You wink at them. Jaime gets up and dashes towards you only to be directly followed by Vic who sweeps you up and pulls you into the back room with them. You don’t come out til dinner time. But you go back to bed, already completely stuffed.
Ok story time

So today me and my boyfriend were talking about the three hour period he broke up with me. And I said I thought he was thinking about doing it again cause he was acting the same way he did before he did it last time. Then I said something about people being likely to do what they did before again. And he was like “oh really? So if you burnt yourself on purpose you would be more likely to do it again?” And I was like “oh so breaking up with me is the equivalent to setting yourself on fire? And he looked me dead in the eye and said “yes because it was equally as painful and stupid. Trust me, I will never do it again.” Then I fucked him

Could u make a Mike or Tony Imagine where u two r really good friends & secretly like eachother & when he comes back from tour u guys go out drinking, get super drunk & end up having sex in a public place? then he confesses his love? thanks!♥

Definitely on the list. Should be up in three weeks (on Friday). Thanks for your patience.

Could you do an imagine where you like mike and he loves you but you LOVE vic and you're not sure how he feels but it turns out he really really really likes you and you find out , then smutty smut smut and then mike finds out about it and he gets angry? Okay thanks, it'd be cool and yeah.

It’s on the list. :) just a preview of what’s to come.

Hey guys

So the good news is that I have seven writings in the works. There’s a mix of everyone in these upcoming stories. All four guys will get some attention. I’m looking forward to these. The first one that’s coming out on Friday will be a Vic and Jaime smut, a previous request from a follower. Because I have so many on my plate, I won’t be taking requests for a while. I’ll let you guys know when I am.


How do people start dating i don’t even know how to make friends what is this

Well, a person first must be attracted to another person. That person talks to the person they like. The liker starts to hang out with the liked person and if they’re lucky the liked person starts to like them too. From there the relationship blossoms and they start dating if both of the people’s feeling grow to something more. :-)

tell ur dog i said hi
me to all my friends w/ dogs  (via babyferaligator)

Six word story


how do u even start dating your crush how does that happen to someone

So I got really really really sick on Tuesday and I’m just now begining to get over it. I’m going to try to post on Tuesday but if I can’t make it by Tuesday, I’ll post on Friday. And btw after this, every other Friday will be a new story (maybe every Friday).

I haven’t written in like forever. My life has just gotten really great and I’ve just been enjoying it. I have a boyfriend now and he’s the greatest thing to ever happen to me. I’m gonna work on getting something up this week though and then one a week from now on (til I run out of ideas).

Oh shit

I haven’t even started the story that’s supposed to be up this week… Or any of the other ones… Yeah. I’m really bad with consistency…

could u do one where u used to date mike but now ure with vic. on prom night mike keeps being an asshole and making fun of vic for being the only virgin and how used to do it with u, at the end of the night vic tells you hes ready. then hes really nervous and u give him like handjob or blowjob idk and he feels like should return the favor but hes scared to touch u and do something wrong but youre rly sweet to him and tell him its okay and u both proceed. smut (;

It’s a good idea and I’d love to do it sometime but it won’t be for a while because I have SO much going on right now…


Aww you’re so sweet!! :D